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We provide professional consulting services for new and existing streaming publishers. Our strengths are Media Server Implementation, Media Player Customization, Implementation, Transcoding, Migration, and Monetization

MediaGration provides assistance for companies using or migrating to MediaGration software solutions, or clients using third-party solutions. As computing services, bandwidth and storage technology advance, existing streaming sites can take advantage of new technologies that improve performance, lower costs, and provide easier management. We can also consult with streaming publishers who wish to implement server or content security. Our most popular engagement types are listed below:

Streaming System Design, Conversion, Migration
Transcoding - real time, pre-processed - software or hardware 
Assessment & Analysis: Streaming infrastructure and process
Media Server and Player scripts, applications, integration
Media Player - Custom skins, scripts, applications
Security Audits, Assessments, Solutions, Recommendations
Optimize and Streamline Existing Streaming process
HLS, MPEG-DASH Implementation, Migration
DRM Implementation (Simple DRM Plus, and BuyDRM™)

Our consulting service is available on an hourly basis, service packages, or customized service contracts. Our goal is to help clients know their options and to recommend and/or implement designs and changes that will help them achieve better, faster and cheaper operations, that are simple to manage. 

When you consider the dramatic reductions in the cost of streaming media products and services over the last five years, most streaming media publishers can easily cost justify the modest fees associated with MediaGration Streaming Media Consulting. Contact us and give us a little information on your goals and requirements. 

Optimized Joomla ArchitechtureScaling Joomla With Multiple Servers
Joomla! is the second most used CMS on the internet after WordPress, with users like eBay, IKEA, Sony, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. In this post, we will describe how to scale Joomla on multiple servers.
For clients requiring a large number of simultaneous connections, our recommended architecture allows the CMS to handle more users, by load-balancing traffic across multiple servers. It also brings high availability by providing fail-over between servers.

Linux Web site security; with over 30 years of experience in security consulting, post-incident forensics, implementation of enterprise-class firewalls, IDS, application vaults and more, in both private, public and cloud infrastructures. Our products provide security for Web content, streaming audio and video, PHP software and eCommerce transactions. We have expertise at implementing cutting-edge solutions, such as RS-Firewall and ionCube24.

Note: ionCube24 actively prevents unexpected PHP code from running on your server, any time of day or night, and no matter how it got there. An immediate email alert lets you know there may be a problem, and as no code was run, addressing the problem can be done without panic and haste, and no server reinstall. The system uses an upgrade to a component you may already use, the ionCube Loader, can be setup in a few easy steps, and is managed by a powerful web front end.

Mobile App Development means what it denotes - complete development of applications for all mobile devices.  We specialize in eCommerce and streaming-media related applications, along with integrated video conferencing applications. 

Joomla Extension Development in the following specialized verticals:

eCommere Applications
Digital Media Product Delivery
Live Event Web Applications
HLSe Video Streaming (Secure HLS VIdeo Streaming)
Online Sale of Software and Applications
PHP Encoder Licensing and Sale