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Mediagration offers extensive set of consulting and technical services, related to streaming media, streaming media software development, media player development, conversion, transcoding and media server setup. Where ever possible, we leverage our products to lower the cost and speed up the deployment. These services are billed on an hourly basis, or in conjunction with a service contract.  Here is a list of our specialties:

  • MMCart / Pay Per View Site Installation
  • Media Server Setup (Wowza, Evostream, WMSPanel, NGinx, Apache, MistServer, Adobe, etc) 
  • Media Player Customization
  • Media Player UX/App Development
  • Other MediaGration Software Installation
  • Large Scale AJAX eShop Site Setup (thousands of products)
  • High Performance Joomla / WordPress Sites - setup and tuning
  • Large Scale Live Event Site Architecture
  • Media Storage and Caching Architecture
  • Real-time Transcoding and Deployment
  • MMCart Site Management and Monitoring
  • WebRTC-TokBox Application Development
  • Streaming Video Site Stress Testing
  • Download Sites for Software and Application Sellers
  • Streaming Audio Sites (like Spotify, Tidal, etc.)
  • Digital Media Web Site Design and Implementation
  • Online Radio Broadcast Sites
  • Secure Online Streaming (live, VOD and audio)
  • Video Chat Application Development (mobile)

Contact our sales department for pricing information, and to setup a free email consultation.