HLSe Single Server Solution

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With our basic MMCart Apache Package, we include all software and scripts necessary to set up a complete subscription/pay per view streaming media publishing site, supporting upload,  transcoding, and sell streaming video from a single server platform; a single Apache server can host all the necessary components for streaming HLSe video and audio.  

Upload - Product Creator uploads video/audio files to local or cloud storage
Transcode - Product Creator transcodes uploaded files into multiple ABR HLSe playlists
Media Management - Manage local, remote and cloud media files
Secure Storage - Keyed Access or hotlink protection for all files
Media Billing - Subscription, Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, etc. billing
Media Server - Apache and FFMPEG perform ABR HLSe streaming 
Media Player - API control for Video JS and other free media players
Encrypted Streaming - Configure and enable  AES-128 encryption
User Access Control - CAPTCHA protected passwords
eCommerce Storefront - Responsive front end powered by AJAX

Here are the required components:

Apache - Open Source Web server and HTTP media server

CURL - Utility for Linux
Video JS - Open Source Media Player
FFMPEG - Open Source Video Conversion and Transcoding Utility, enables ABR HLSe transcoding
Joomla 3.X (PHP, MySQL)
Virtuemart - Open Source eCommerce
AJAX eShop - Superframework for Virtuemart
MMCart - Pay Per View Media Streaming Component
Apache HLSe Plugin for MMCart

When you purchase an installation package from Mediagration, we'll install the latest versions of all the above software, most of which is free and Open Source. 

It should be noted, that MMCart for Joomla can use either native or third-party transcoding services and CDNs. Because there are no recurring costs associated with any of the above software, the MMCart Apache Package offers a significant advantage when compared to other solutions, when it comes to setup and operational costs.