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MediaGration is experienced in HLS streaming and HLSe security technology, implementation, and integration. Our team will install and setup of media servers (Wowza, EMS, WMSPanel, Adobe). We will implement HLSe security on JW Player, Bit Movin' Player, video.JS Player. We can also implement advanced player features, such as slow-motion, captions, languages, DVR and integrated applications (such as video chat and custom apps and UX). 

Our technology is plug-in-play, standards-based, and extremely effective at protecting video and audio content from unauthorized access and sharing. 

We can implement HLS streaming and security in stand-alone environments, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and other frameworks. Our Simple DRM Plus (TM) technology and practice, permit us to embed standards-based technology, to protect content from unauthorized access and sharing. 

Simple DRM Plus (TM)

Simple DRM Plus (TM) is a technology developed by MediaGration; combining multiple standards-based security technologies, with best practices, to achieve exceptionally strong protection for video and audio content. It is a plug-in-play implementation of Apple's widely accepted HLSe, combined with proven authentication and content protection technologies. 

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus harnesses the below technologies:

  • CAPTCHA-powered user-authentication - human "character" 
  • Secure Files and Directories prevent unauthorized discovery and access to content (generally, with expired URLs and keyed access). 
  • Account Validation - Each user's subscription is checked before play is started
  • Player Restrictions and Control - prevent play by unauthorized media players
  • AES-128 Encryption - encrypting each HLS segment; making assembly and decryption extremely difficult

By implementing the above standards-based technologies, publishers achieve the maximum security against compromise and unauthorized sharing. Additional technologies can add additional security - including but not limited to IP address blacklisting, IP address whitelisting, country blocking, SMS verification and more. 

Simple DRM Plus requires the below software:

  •  Joomla with CAPTCHA
  • Virtuemart
  • AJAX eShop
  • MMCart for Joomla 3
  • Mediagration Aliasing Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel)
  • Mediagration Encryption Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel)

In addition to the above security technologies, two servers are required - a Web server and separate media server. Only the co-located Web server (or authorized remote Web server), has access to content. MediaGration is working with industry partners, customers and IT security firms to test the strength of Simple DRM Plus, compared to other video and audio security technologies, including conventional DRM. Some are suggesting that because it is strong enough to prevent any low-budget attempt to violate it, it can deliver more than enough security for live and recorded video and music.