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Mediagration develops advanced software for transcoding, managing and streaming video and audio, Web site subscriptions and pay-per-view, pay-per-minute, pay-per-download, pay-per-live event, advanced eCommerce, eLearning, video conferencing, ad monetization. 


Mediagration products fall into the following categories:

  • Advanced eCommerce
  • Pay Per View / Subscription billing
  • Media Players
  • Media Servers
  • Media Integration

Our products are PHP-based, standards-compliant, operate in new or existing Joomla and Wordpress sites. MediaGration's Apache HLSe Setup script permits publishers to host Web sites and stream secure ABR HLSe video - on a single server. MediaGration software exploits Open Source Joomla, Virtuemart, FFMPEG, Video JS, and Apache; enabling publishers to deploy enterprise-class media services, with minimal startup and operational cost. 

Our services seek to help our clients translate their eCommerce and streaming media requirements into powerful and cost effective solutions. We'll recommend the best solutions and approach.  


  • Streaming Media (Live and On-demand)
  • Advanced eCommerce Development
  • ABR HLSe / MPEG-DASH transcoding
  • New Generation Television
  • Advanced SEO
  • Global Content and Media Management
  • Consulting (Technology and Business)

The founders of Mediagration have over 80 years of collective experience in technology; our strengths are:

  • Scalable Website Design and Deployment
  • Network Design 
  • IT Security
  • Pay Per View/Subscription billing software
  • Alternative DRM technology (Simple DRM Plus (TM)
  • Streaming Media
  • Media Player Development
  • Media Server Setup 
  • eCommerce Software Development'
  • Web/Media Security
  • Mobile App Development
  • Tech Business Start-up Mentoring

Whether you are selling specialized merchandise to a large audience, streaming media, or building a start-up infrastructure that will involve advanced eCommerce, Mediagration has the technology and the knowhow to plan and deploy the required solution.  Call or email us today, and let's talk about your plans.