Linux Web site security; with over 30 years of experience in security consulting, post-incident forensics, implementation of enterprise-class firewalls, IDS, application vaults and more, in both private, public and cloud infrastructures. Our products provide security for Web content, streaming audio and video, PHP software and eCommerce transactions. We have expertise at implementing cutting-edge solutions, such as RS-Firewall and ionCube24.

Note: ionCube24 actively prevents unexpected PHP code from running on your server, any time of day or night, and no matter how it got there. An immediate email alert lets you know there may be a problem, and as no code was run, addressing the problem can be done without panic and haste, and no server reinstall. The system uses an upgrade to a component you may already use, the ionCube Loader, can be setup in a few easy steps, and is managed by a powerful web front end.