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Over the top media services offer content to viewers directly over the Internet. OTT bypasses cable, broadcast and satellite TV platforms; which formerly acted as controllers and distributors. AJAX eShop with the Product Creator and MMCart, offer OTT publishers a plug-n-play in-house solution that can offer video, audio, eBooks on a pay per view or subscription basis. 

Cord cutters subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime as opposed to a cable, fiber or satellite package from a telecommunication carrier.  OTT providers establish their own virtual brand with videos bearing their logos, colors and content.

Turnkey OTT platforms like AES help streaming media publishers tailor their brand and offer audiences around the world seamless user experiences on all devices, including web, iOS, Android. 

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In the late 90s, Garry S. Howard, Co-founder of MediaGration, was perplexed because although streaming video was extremely popular, most eCommerce stores were not capable of selling streaming media.  

In 1999, Garry S. Howard founded a new company (MultiMediaCart)

In 1999, MultiMediaCart created the first PHP-based pay wall, designed to work with all popular media players and servers.  

In 2002 MultiMediacart developed the first pay per view extension for osCommerce, using PHP paywall technology developed in 1999. 

In 2003, MultiMediaCart integrated controls for the JW Player and the Flow Player media players, inside the paywall; synchronizing account validation with player controls and restrictions.

In 2004, MultiMediaCart created a configuration tool for JW Player 

In 2006 MultMediaCart pay per view engine was developed for Joomla 1 / Virtuemart. 

 in 2007 a secure plugin was developed for AWS and Google's Cloud Storage 

In 2008, MultiMediaCart developed a secure plugin for videos stored on HP's Cloud Compute platform. 

In 2009 MultiMediaCart was developed for X-Cart, Zen Cart, and Cube Cart. 

In 2010 MultiMediaCart was developed for Joomla 1.0

In 2012 MMCart was developed for Joomla 2.5

In 2013 MMCart was released for Joomla 3.1 and Virtuemart

In 2014 MultiMediaCart formed a partnership with telecom pioneer and Karate sage, Christopher Caile, and a new company was founded - MediaGration.

In 2014 MediaGration developed the AJAX eShop super framework, to extend the power and design flexibility of online shops, and offer a library of specialized eCommerce templates and extensions.

In 2014 MeidaGration developed plugins for MMCart, to integrate with popular media servers, like Wowza, Evostream and WMSPanel, HLSe, MPEG-DASH, AES-128 encryption and hot link protection.  

In 2014 MediaGration developed Simple DRM Plus(TM); a set of practices and technology, designed to maximize security for access, content protection, and secure streaming, for sites that do not require traditional DRM.

In 2017 MediaGration added additional plugins for ABR HLS transcoding and eCommerce, and lunches approximately 30 products for Joomla; advanced eCommerce, Pay Per View, Media Integration, PHP Application License/Download, and media server setup scripts.