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AJAX eShop

AJAX eShop is for Virtuemart shop owners, Web designers and programmers who want to significantly enhance the look, user-interface and functionality of their Virtuemart shops. 

AJAX eShop is a design and functional overlay for Virtueart; an AJAX-powered super-framework that permits shop owners to customize their Virtuemart front page, category and product pages; custom background colors, layouts, thumbnail dimensions, uniform product thumbnails, and mouseover effects. 

The AJAX eShop includes special skins for merchandise, streamed and download products, a built-in single-page checkout, and intelligent handling of product types - merchandise, downloads, streaming video, eBooks, images. AJAX eShop has a family of plug-ins, add-ons and skins.  

AJAX eShop gives your Virtuemart site AJAX power where it counts; it integrates Boostrap 2.3.2 and Boostrap 3.2.0 into the Virtuemart store environment. Bootstrap is a powerful collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML- and CSS-based design templates fortypography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. 

The background color, thumb dimensions, mouseover effects, product type and other design settings in AJAX eShop enable eShop designers to coordinate Virtuemart page colors, styles, fonts and layouts with Joomla templates. The AJAX eShop's advanced product type super-structure; enables extremely granular site organization, product search, product handling and overall selling effectiveness. 
Here are the biggest benefits of using AJAX eShop on your Virtuemart site:

Improved Appearance:

  • Automatically sized and aligned images, descriptions - even if images are different sizes - they look uniform
  • Product boxes are always aligned - even if the images and descriptions are different
  • Customizable thumbs, borders, background colors

Improved shopping experience:

  • Advanced "product type" search
  • Responsive product thumbnails and eCommerce buttons
  • Tailored checkout and delivery 
  • Built-in single page checkout

Improves Design Flexibility 

  • Customize store layout and thumbnail size, customize store background color
  • Every category listing can have its own style, style, product type designation, and handling. 
  • Customize font, color, style, size for every category
  • Customize thumbnail background color
  • Customize mouseover effects

Improved User Interface and Software Integration

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly shopping and checkout elements, buttons and behavior
  • Customers can use default skins (2), or create their own custom CSS skins (buttons and behavior) for special stores and products
  • API enables product-specific checkout
  • AJAX eShop Application framework supports MMCart, Matukio Event RSVP, ionCube Downloader, Product Creator and a growing list of AJAX-powered extensions.

Improved Management, organization and Product Delivery

  • AJAX eShop also organizes products beyond standard categories, and permits stores to assign "product type" with product type ICONs
  • Product are configured and handled as merchandise, playable content (video, audio, stream), PDF, Image, HWD MediaShare, iFrame
  • Link to "virtual categories" (example "Discounted" or "Seconds" or "Half Off" or "Free Shipping")
  • Each digital can be assigned unique analytics ID, with user logs on play, pause, rewind and forward activity

AJAX eShop is probably one of the most comprehensive super-frameworks for Virtuemart, extending its capabilities with a technology that is fast, customizable, reliable and mobile friendly.  Here are some additional features in MediaGration's AJAX eShop:  

  • 100% Virtuemart Compatible; Requires VIrtuemart 3
  • Replaces default Virtuemart Front Page, Category Page and Product pages; with mobile friendly AJAX-powered pages
  • Powerful AJAX powered search module permits search by keyword, category, product type and even custom label.
  • Customizable page design, background color, font size, style, color, thumb dimensions, eCommerce elements, buttons, behavior
  • Built-in Single-page checkout
  • Skin framework and toolkit
  • Application Framework with API
  • Existing Extensions - MMCart, ionCube Downloader, HLSe Security Toolkit
  • Categories can be assigned to Product Type designations; category and  product strips display product-type ICONs
  • Special handling for special merchandise, download, streamed, Joomla article
  • Configuration page permits custom background color, thumbnail dimensions, button colors, title and description text, font, colors
  • AJAX-powered eCommerce buttons and elements (customizable) and mouseover effects
  • Open Source CSS code included, for Front Page, Category and Product Pages (for developed custom skins, mouseover, eCommerce buttons)
  • Growing library of skins for specialized shops and products
  • Growing suite of integrated applications (MMCart Pay per view, ionCube Downloader, MP3 Player,  Kiosk, Live Event RSVP, POS, rent & lease, services, delivery, gift card redemption, virtual grab-bag, used products, complex attributes, bank terminal, Hotel booking, Fee-based access to Joomla categories and articles). 
  • The AJAX eShop is a comprehensive style and function super-framwork for Virtuemart 3; and a free trial version will be available for download at this site soon. 

Front Page View

Note the product type (designation) ICONs for every category above. Each ICON can be customized and updated anytime. Every product type is given a specialized checkout designed for that type of product. 

Advanced Category, Product and Product Type Search

No other eCommerce framework permits searches by as many factors, including product type and custom label. 

Category View

Every AJAX eShop category listing can have a common product type ICON, its own background color, product box style, background color, text color, font, and size. 

Virtuemart - images and text are not aligned. 

AJAX eShop makes different sized images and text look aligned and beautiful. 

AJAX Mouseover Action

The above three images show the three stages of a product: 1)initial state 2)Mousclick One 3)Mouseclick Two 

Improved Store Organization

Besides the standard Virtuemart categories and sub-categories; "product type" designations can be created, and corresponding product type ICONs, inserted inside the highlighted strip above the product thumbnail. The product type classification permits shoppers to search by product category, product type and product keyword. Finally, product types are configured to be shipped, downloaded, streamed or picked-up. 

Customized eCommerce Buttons and Elements

Our task-rabbit site skin permits a Virtuemart site to operate like

The eCommerce buttons are different for different product types, and the CSS code is customizable. 

Product Page (CSS overlay above product image - with MMCart add-on)

AJAX eShop Single Page Checkout

Powerful Ad-ons and Applications

The below applications are available exclusively in the AJAX eShop. These powerful applications take advantage of the advanced user-interface and application integration capability of the AJAX eShop. 

MMCart - Enterprise class fee-based media publishing; with media server and media player integration, powerful security. 
Product Creator - Creates products automatically from mobile device, tablet or PC, including video, audio, image, document, external URL*
ionCube Downloader - Revolutionary download plugin that packages ionCube license file with the downloaded archive; domain and IP-address validation, dirty-word check and locking. 
YouTube API - Product Creator add-on that imports live events and videos from YouTube; requires authentication key; MMCart add-on
DropBox Add-on - Streams videos from private DropBox account: MMCart add-on
Google Drive Add-on - Stream videos from private Google Drive account; MMCart add-on

*There is a standard Virtuemart version of the ionCube Downloader

AJAX eShop Administration

AJAX eShop Control Panel Front Page

AJAX eShop Configuration

List Options and Attributes

Item Attributes

Item Player Settings

MMCart Player Wizard

Item Attributes (Video Path Configuration)

This package is for merchandise Web sites, and it includes software and setup.  In addition to providing the AJAX eShop, Product Creator, it includes a setup for your shop, to permit product feeds on both Amazon and Google Marketplaces. Here are some of the features and benefits:

Product feeds from your VirtueMart to Google and Amazon marketplaces
Efficiently update products synchronizing VirtueMart with Amazon
Set product price for merchandises
Choose specific Amazon marketplace for your products
Correctly map your VirtueMart products to Amazon wares

The Free Payment Method is a plugin designed to work with AJAX eShop sites offering on-demand media and download products. It is designed for testing only, since when it is enabled, shoppers have the option of acquiring any product for free, without having to complete a credit card form.

The MediaGration Free Trial Plugin and Module is exclusively designed to work with AJAX eShop, and it permits a free time-based trial for the below product types:

  • Playable or On-demand Products
  • Encoder Downloader Download Products 

The Free Trial Module permits you to make any category or sub-category a free trial.  The Free Trial Plugin permits any individual product to be offered as both a Free Trial or purchased proudct. All Free Trial products are placed in a user's account without the using having to provide credit card or billing information - only their email and a password is required. 

The below screen shows how to set-up an individual product as a trial product. 


The below screen shows how to setup a primary Free Trial Category in AJAX eShop category configuration. 


The below screen shows the set-up of the Free Trial module, which displays a customizable button on assigned pages. It can be set to any category or sub-category - even if there are other categories set as Free Trial categories in AJAX eShop category configuration. 


The AJAX eShop Advanced Search Module is packaged with AJAX eShop, and provides the online shopper with the ability to search by

  • Product Name
  • SKU#
  • Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Product Type
  • Custom Label

Below is a screen shot of the module, which can be located in any module position, and displayed on selected pages in your store or site. 









AJAX eShop Advanced Search Module has the advantage of permitting users to search by product type; for example, all "Live" programs; or search by a custom label - it is possible, for example, to search for all products labeled "DVDs" or "LPs".  

The below screen shows the advanced search tool, and a sample search query for the words, "Live Demo". 

The below screen shows the results of the advanced search, showing the thumbnail of all products meeting the search criterion. 


Free Payment Method for AJAX eShop is for shop owners and eCommerce developers who want to test the purchase process without using a real credit card. 
Free Payment Method is an implementation of VM Payment - AJAX eShop Standard, for AJAX eShop; allowing stores to sell and process free products, and also change their status to confirmed. 

Because testing store checkouts can take a lot of time and form completion, this is a very handy tool for any Virtuemart store.