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YouTube API Plugin allows MMCart publishers with YouTube videos and / or YouTube Live programs, just by clicking a few buttons.   MMCart users can quickly import their entire YouTube account, into VM and MMCart.  This makes public, unlisted or even private YouTube available or pay per view, pay per minute or subscription basis. 

When used with MMCart, video and live event is converted into a VM/MMCart product, and displayed in a list, permitting publishers to provide title, description and price for each. It is unique, in that it permits publishers to import and create hundreds of products in a matter of minutes. Every person with a GMail account can open a YouTube account and upload thousands of videos.  YouTube live permits every account holder to stream up to 8 hours of live broadcasting per day. 

Note about Security on YouTube

When videos and programs are non-listed, there is some protection of the content.  When videos are private, publishers can use our alert app that alerts when a customer has made a purchase, with a link to their store page, that allows them to click one button and add the customer to a private viewing list, it delivers a higher level of security for YouTube programs - preventing unauthorized viewing and sharing. The videos below show the YouTube API plugin in action. 


YouTube Live