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The EMS Encryption and Aliasing Plugins are two separate plugins (unlike our other media server plugin pairs).  For serious video publishers who use the Evostream Media Server for HLS streaming, and who want maximum level of security for each stream, MediaGration brings HLSe pay per view and subscription to WMSPanel users. Sold separately from the EMS aliasing plugin. 

The EMS Encryption Plugin provides full access to the Evostream Media Server API-based AES-128 encryption and aliasing processes, and allows MMCart publishers who have JW Player Enterprise (or other HLS compatible player) to exploit HLS encryption).  The plugin works with MMCart and Evostream Media Server to perform the critical pre-processing necessary for both live and recorded videos. 

The Aliasing Plugin utilizes HLS aliasing and one-time use URLs. The Evostream Media Server Encryption provides AES-128 encryption to all live and VOD streams in the HLS format; sometimes called HLSe.   This plugin requires MMCart in an AJAX eShop site and works in concert with the Wowza Media Aliasing plugin. 

HLSe encryption involves the pre-processing of every HLS video segment in an HLS stream; each is encrypted with a different key; making assembly and decryption and reassembly of the segments both technical and economically unfeasible - no matter what brute force attack might be directed at accessing a dollar video. 

Comparing MMCart Server Plugins

The below chart compares security plugins for all supported Media Servers:

Evostream Media Server
Wowza Media Server and 
Nimble Server (WMSPanel)
Apache (with HLS configured)
Nginx Media Server (final release by 9/16)

MediaGration implements URL/content protection, in a unique way, on each media server:
Simple DRM Plugins