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Joomla and Wordpress user management systems permit a large number of users to register. Although the media server associated with a MMCart streaming media Website may be capable of streaming thousands of simultaneous streams, Joomla and Wordpress require significant tuning to facilitate more than a few hundred simultaneous users.

The MMCart High-Performance Package includes both software and set-up; AJAX eShop, MMCart, Product Creator, FFmpeg Transcoder, and one of the media server plugins, combined with a full setup of a high-performance Joomla Web site, capable of supporting many logged-in users. Based on every customer's unique requirements, we design a unique architecture that will deliver the required Web and database performance, providing the connection with 3rd Party transcoding services and CDNs for fast distribution.

System Requirements
Joomla 2.5.x.
PHP 5.3.x.
VirtueMart 3.X or Higher
VirtueMart AIO 3.X or Higher
FFmpeg 3.X or Higher
MySQL 5.7 or Higher
Joomla 3.X