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The MMCart Media Server Package - Includes AJAX eShop, MMCart, along with add-ons for WMSPanel, Wowza Media and Evostream Media Servers; along with AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Transcoder

When configured in AJAX eShop, with MMCart, the Product Creator uploads, indexes, transcodes, productizes, publishes an HLS video or audio file. The uploaded file is also encrypted with AES-128 encryption, and stored in a secure directory (protected by Wowza Media Server file protection). 

System Requirements
Joomla 3
PHP 5.3.x.
VirtueMart 3.X or Higher
VirtueMart AIO 3.X or Higher
FFmpeg 3.X or Higher
MySQL 5.7 or Higher
Joomla 3.X