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MMCart Starter Package includes everything for a new publisher or live broadcaster, needs -- to create a PPV or subscription site using videos from an existing RTMP or HTTP media server, CDN, a video sharing site (such as YouTube), or from a Google Drive or DropBox cloud accounts.


MMCart will hide the URL of the source, but unless the files are password-protected, or protected by an encrypted key on a CDN or cloud host, they can be shared by customers, who can then view the target audio or video stream. MMCart Starter Package allows publishers to use any RTMP or HTTP streaming hosting provider, using any protocol that is compatible with the selected player. The MMCart Starter Package includes AJAX eShop, MMCart, Product Creator, YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox add-ons. This package does not include any media server add-ons.


System Requirements
Joomla 3.X
PHP 5.3.x.
VirtueMart 3.X or Higher
VirtueMart AIO 3.X or Higher
MySQL 5.7 or Higher
FFMPEG 3.1 or Highter
Joomla 3.X