HLSe Single Server Solution

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In previous times, even a small streaming media publisher would employ two servers in order to power a pay per view or pay per stream or pay per session Web site. These would include:

  • Web Server - most often apache or Windows
  • Media Server - typically streaming RTMP and flash

For small and medium publishers,  the additional cost and management responsibility associated with the care of a media server could be a significant challenge. But many of today's popular Web servers are capable of streaming the popular streaming format, HLS, making it possible for the same server to handle Web documents and stream videos. 

MediaGration offers an Apache HLSe setup script; a set of two shell scripts that configure the below two applications:

  • FFMPEG - video converter/transcoder, required for Apache HLS
  • Apache Web Server - setup for HLS and HLSe streaming

...thus, making it possible for an existing Apache site to host a pay per view Web site, and a streaming media server. The script runs on the Ubuntu and Fedora Linux distributions (2016).  

The setup script allows any apache Web site to stream secure HLS videos (HLSe using AES-128 encryption) from the same Apache server that serves their company Web site.  

Apache HLS requires that Apache is configured to support HLS streaming and that the video files or m3u8 playlists, be located in a specific directory. Because HLS uses Http to stream video and audio, it doesn't require any type of modification to apache core (one of the most popular Web servers in the industry); it merely needs to be setup properly. In addition to setting up Apache, it installs and configures FFMPEG so that HLS conversion and segmentation is performed properly. 

The MediaGration Apache HLSe Setup Script is available in our store; requires root access on Ubuntu or Fedora Linux servers. For other operating systems, contact our consulting service. Read more about it in this article.