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The integration of diverse media has been an important trend in all media elec tronics and software.  Media Integration has been the trend and direction of the Web since it's inception; hyperlinked text and images permitted users to access other html pages, Web forms, images, limited media and applications. But with the emergence key AJAX technology; semi-transparent CSS overlays, mouseover effects, and shadow-boxes - media integration is far more effective, responsive and elegant. Indeed - AJAX is the big enabler of elegant, effective design - coupled with unmatched device and browser performance and support. 

Text and images are the most frequently hyperlinked content, but it is the image that is at the leading edge of modern design - the language-independent call to action; the clickable image. The graphic ICON is the basis of the modern GUI-based operating systems. Text tends to be too small and video real estate changes constantly.  Images, however, are the perfect anchor for users. One single image, one idea, related to a single hyperlinked target. 

Media Integration is a common theme in many of our products; the integration of media into other media, HTML and applications; the integration of media and eCommerce in Web content, and the exploitation of media in eCommerce and advertising.

At MediaGration, we aim to explore new and different approaches to  the most elegant and effective integration and monetization o all media. 

Our Media Integrator and Media Integrator for Virtuemart, represent the core of our strengths; a first generation product that will soon evolve into global content management tools. Our media integration technology permits publishers to present all Web medai inside of AJAX-powered pop-ups. When users click on a play or action overlay, superimposed over an image, they know what to expect, and get what they expect - whether it is media, external Web sites and applications inside of a shadowbox. 

Note -- It was the lack of user bandwidth, and the preponderance of unreliable propriety technologies (such as Flash and Visual Basic) in the past, that made integration of media more difficult to implement across different browsers and devics.