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Software related to the publishing, integration, sale and online distribution of streaming media; including software for uploading, transcoding, storage, CDN distribution. We also sell advanced eCommerce solutions and software that permits application sellers to automatically license, bundle and sell their encoded PHP software.


Planning, design, and deployment of streaming media Web sites, including media server setup, media player customization and integration - for small, medium and large-scale media sites. Services by MediaGration


AJAX eShop is our eCommerce super-framework. Our flagship product, MMCart, has everything required for secure streaming of live and on-demand video and audio - in one integrated suite. MMCart publishers can employ pay per view, pay-per-minute, pay-per-download, and subscription billing. MMCart supports HLS, MPEG-DASH, most audio and video formats, API-level integration with top media servers and media players, AES-128 Encryption, automatic thumb creation and automatic preview feature. Check out our other products: Media Player Add-ons, Download Product Extensions, and Media Integration Products.  Our products are PHP-based, standards-compliant, operate in new or existing Open Source websites; thereby minimizing start-up and operational cost. See our Complete product list here.


Media server setup and configuration; setup high-performance HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming video Web sites, fee-based Web sites, large eCommerce sites, advertising monetized sites, MPEG DASH and secure HLS streaming, PHP App download sites, media player development, automated transcoding and media integration. We work with all popular media servers, including Wowza, Evostream, WMSPanel, Nginx, Apache, MistServer, etc. Over 19 years experience in streaming media and eCommerce technology.   See Services by MediaGration